All About Different Uses of Shoelaces

If you think shoelaces are only for your shoes, you’re missing out on a slew of other uses that will make your laces pay for themselves. Shoelaces are versatile items that can be used as both a tool and a DIY project. This blog will go over some of the various ways you can use […]

Round Shoelaces with Dress and Classy Shoes

I fondly remember a creative writing exercise I had to do in college. The instructions were that we should write a story based on a mundane object – something used every day that we no longer stop to think if such thing is a necessity or just a luxury. As for me, I chose shoelaces. […]

How to Wear Round Cotton Shoelaces

I will share with you one secret that I learned from my friends about customizing my shoes: if you want to make your shoes more unique and more like your own, if you want it to become an amazing pair of shoes that will look like no other pair, then you better start getting creative […]