All About Different Uses of Shoelaces

If you think shoelaces are only for your shoes, you’re missing out on a slew of other uses that will make your laces pay for themselves. Shoelaces are versatile items that can be used as both a tool and a DIY project. This blog will go over some of the various ways you can use […]

5 Easy Ways to Tie Your Shoelaces

While tying shoelaces may seem like a straight-forward task, you’d be shocked to learn that there are several different methods to tie shoelaces. Some are easier than others. It is important to correctly tie your shoelaces before going for a run, playing football, or simply going about your day. Tripping on a loose lace at […]

What are waxed shoelaces good for?

Shoelaces are used to keep dress shoes, trainers, and boots in place. Shoelaces have evolved into an expression of the wearer’s individuality over time and are an excellent method to personalise any pair of boots or shoes. As one of the few items that can be easily altered on a pair of shoes, they offer […]

Why White Leather Shoelaces are Simple and Powerful

Shoelaces can be made up from different materials, and the most traditional materials used are leather, cotton, hemp, among other things. As with almost anything, there are pros and cons to each one, and it all boils down to a person’s personal preference. And over the years of my collecting shoelaces, I have grown a […]

Gorgeous and Sturdy Neon Yellow Shoelaces

In recent years, neon has been steadily growing as a real popular trend. Some bloggers even went as far as to declare neon as “the new black.” And true enough, neon shades are very attractive and eye-catching. However, the danger is that they could also be overwhelming at times especially when worn in large volumes. […]

Who Should Consider Wearing Flat Laces and Why

Have you ever gone shoe shopping but ended up being frustrated upon finding a perfect pair of shoes but with very awful shoelaces? Or have you ever seen someone wearing the coolest outfit ever, save for their shoelaces? Then you share my exasperation about the current state of the fashion world. True enough; the industry […]

The Old Reliable Black Round Shoelaces

As a shoelace fanatic, I have witnessed how drastically the market for shoelaces has changed over the years. A few years ago, when I had just started collecting shoelaces, it was really difficult to locate stores that offer a wide collection of shoelaces. More often than not, I had no choice but to shop online […]

Thick Round Laces for Sports and Fun

The problem with being an athlete is that most of the time, you have to choose between the sporty look and the fashionable look, which could really be annoying if you want to be both! I mean, there are a lot of athletic clothes and shoes that look good, but shoelaces tell a very different […]

Get Fit: Round Athletic Shoelaces

Preparing for a run is no easy task. Even those who have already finished a couple of marathons should not take the preparations lightly. But the thing is, most runners, especially the first-timers, focus on getting physically fit for the run, but some tend to forget other things to prepare such as the shoes to […]

The Most Gorgeous Round Laces

The thing with shoelaces is that not all people are particularly careful with the kind of shoelaces they wear. This is because when you shop for shoes and you buy a pair, you also get a default pair of shoelaces. But while these “default” shoelaces usually look nice and neat, I could guarantee that somewhere, […]